ALIA - Associations Liability Insurance Agency, Inc.

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance


Why ALIA is the Right Choice

ALIA is proud to offer you comprehensive coverage with competitive premiums. Our Legal Malpractice Insurance offers the following key features:

  • Customized Coverage: Offering a range of limits and deductibles and additional optional coverage’s to suit your unique needs
  • Trusted Relationships: Discounts and special rewards for members of Colorado State Bar Association, Hawaii State Bar Association, Nebraska State Bar Association, New York City Bar Association, Orange County Bar Association, The State Bar of California, and the Utah State Bar


Coverage Highlights

  • Easy Short Form Applications Available.
  • An additional Claims Expense Sublimit of $50,000 is included at no charge. Optional defense limit coverage equal to one-half the each claim limit is available up to a maximum of $1,000,000.
  • Data Breach Endorsement – if your computer data is compromised so that it exposes protected information the policy will provide up to $25,000 in expense reimbursement for the cost of mitigation and remediation.
  • A free unlimited Extended Reporting Endorsement for attorney’s who retire and who have been continuously insured by Arch for a specified period of time and a certain age: seven years and age 55, six years and age 56, and five years at age 57 or more.
  • A 50% reduction in deductible – not to exceed $25,000 – in the event an Insured participates in Alternative Dispute Resolution resulting in a claim settlement prior to the claim proceeding to litigation.
  • Broad definition of Persons Insured that includes former attorneys and lawyers working in an Of Counsel or on a contracted basis with the insured. Full career coverage is available to qualified insured’s.
  • The policy is written on a “claims made and reported” basis with a 60 day “mini-tail” provided for no additional premium.
  • Broad definition of Professional Services including notary public, fiduciary activities, peer review and the publication or presentation of research papers if compensation is less than $3,000.
  • Local Claim Reporting – San Francisco Claims Office. All of Arch’s claims professionals are licensed attorneys with a minimum of 20 year’s experience defending lawyer’s professional liability claims.
  • Worldwide coverage—with no requirement that the claim be made in the United States.
  • Loss of earnings reimbursement up to $500 per day per insured, up to $10,000 for any one or series of related trials, depositions, hearings or arbitration proceedings when at the request of the Company.
  • The company will pay up to $5,000 per Policy Period for each lawyer for costs resulting from the investigation or defense of a proceeding before a state licensing board, peer review committee or governmental regulatory body.
  • The policy requires the insured’s consent to any settlement. If you withhold consent though the coverage may be reduced to the amount where the claim could be have been settled.
  • A broad definition of predecessor firm requiring that in excess of 50% of the billings or at least 50% of the principals have transferred to the successor entity or at least 50% of the assets/liabilities have been assumed by the Named Insured.
  • Premium Discounts for part time lawyers, newly admitted attorneys and attorneys working primarily as an arbitrator or mediator.